WATCH: Rajiv Goes To Pride In London 2017

YouTuber RAJIV from Rajiv Goes To went to the PRIDE PARADE in London this year and he has it all captured for the folks at home who missed out on the colourful, loud, fun extravaganza! The annual LGBT Pride Festival sees many variously identified people come together to celebrate love, equality and people being themselves as a parade takes over London and there is literally colours everywhere and a lot of happy people!

I was amongst the crowd of thousands at the PRIDE in London this year with my friends and we had a spectacular time! The day had an incredible energy! From seeing so many people of different orientation and sexual identities celebrate themselves to different groups such as the gay dads walk with their children, it was a day of celebration and HOPE. I say HOPE because the day gives HOPE to millions of people who are battling with their personal identity and their sexual identity. Just being yourself can inspire someone else.

If you missed out on the fun then just catch up on PRIDE with this video!

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Lex Limbu
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