Indira Rana Magar On BBC 100 Women 2017 List

Nepalese social worker Indira Rana Magar is on the BBC 100 Women list for 2017. The list which names influential and inspirational women from around the world features the 47 year old for her selfless work in providing care for children who’s parents are serving time in prisons across Nepal. In the BBC video clip, Indira shares her difficult upbringing due to being a girl child. She has been working for children of prisoners for the past twenty-seven years and established Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal in 2000.


The BBC 100 Women are part of the 100 Women Challenge, with the women in different categories:

  • The glass ceiling – #Teamlead
  • Female illiteracy – #Teamread
  • Street harassment – #Teamgo
  • Sexism in sport – #Teamplay

The four teams will bring these exceptional women, leaders and story tellers together to share their experiences and create solutions in tackling the respective challenges.

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