Shivani Singh Tharu Tweets About Sexual Harassment #MeToo

Known for speaking her mind and her unapologetic personality, media figure Shivani Singh Tharu has joined millions across the globe in the #MeToo campaign through two telling tweets. The #MeToo campaign started after women (and men) across the world used their social media to share their personal stories of sexual harassment in the wake of US producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault and harassment case.

Many Nepali women have joined in on the conversation and tweeted #MeToo on their social media profiles since the beginning of the global campaign. Tharu tweeted to her 80,000+ followers about the Nepali Harvey’s that she met during her time working with Nepal Television. In a second tweet, she mentioned the demeaning language used towards her and opportunities seized by the men to get close to Tharu.

It’s incredible to see how brave women and men are being by sharing their story through the #MeToo campaign. It’s important that men must do more to ensure that the environment is fair to people of all sexes. I believe that Tharu is not alone and there probably are many Nepali women and also men who have faced sexual assault and harassment. The types of conversations we have and the jokes that are being passed around must be carefully thought about. More needs to happen and it does not surprise me to read the tweet of Shivani and also the many statuses that I’ve read in the past few weeks.


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Lex Limbu
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