VJ And Priety’s BEHULEE Is The Next Big Wedding Song

VJ and Priety‘s BEHULEE is really the only song that should be playing this wedding season. AND I’ve already seen a couple take their first wedding dance in the song yesterday (the singer VJ was also at the wedding – must’ve been a moment for him). The couple released their new music video for the song which sees the two adorned in stunning traditional attire across picturesque locations in London and Aldershot. The scene where VJ walks down with the Naumati Baja behind is literally wedding goals and can I add how handsome he looks in the daura suruwal. Priety always looks beautiful but in Behulee, they just look super stunning!

The making of BEHULEE consisted of close collaborators from Jay Author, Zac Rai and Diamond Studio playing a key part in bringing the music and the video to life. Adding the glam element came with the help of Gurkha Jewellery and Bullion, Prekxa Basnet for make-up and Shraddha Gurung for the henna. The music video was also choreographed by Shraddha Gurung. I definitely loved the brief dance sequence. So aww-dorable to watch – especially from 2:16 part the speaking singing to the ‘timro tarif sunaye’ – such a cute verse.

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