JAY AUTHOR And AIZEN To Perform At December Madness 2017

The Signaturee’s DECEMBER MADNESS is right upon us and their VIP TICKETS have completely SOLD OUT! One of the biggest Nepali club nights in London will also see a live performance by the On Time and Juice x Bacardi singer JAY AUTHOR and AIZEN, the man behind the wildly popular Shape of You (Nepali remix). The Signaturee’s December Madness takes place at FABRIC on Saturday December 23rd! There’s a strict policy with ID’s so make sure you *turn up* with one, that is yours and you are 19 AND OVER.

Amusingly I have become a December Madness regular! Thankfully, I’ve heard that this club is massive so I hope there will be plenty of dancing space. Previous December Madness parties have been so JAM-PACKED that it’s unreal – it’s like you’re packed in a tin with a lot of people who are dressed up. Really not looking forward to the drink queues and the cloak-room queues though, hope that helps in planning ahead!

Be safe!



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