The Signaturee’s DECEMBER MADNESS is right upon us and their VIP TICKETS have completely SOLD OUT! One of the biggest Nepali club nights in London will also see a live performance by the On Time and Juice x Bacardi singer JAY AUTHOR and AIZEN, the man behind the wildly popular Shape of You (Nepali remix). The Signaturee’s December Madness takes place at FABRIC on Saturday December 23rd! There’s a strict policy with ID’s so make sure you *turn up* with one, that is yours and you are 19 AND OVER.

Amusingly I have become a December Madness regular! Thankfully, I’ve heard that this club is massive so I hope there will be plenty of dancing space. Previous December Madness parties have been so JAM-PACKED that it’s unreal – it’s like you’re packed in a tin with a lot of people who are dressed up. Really not looking forward to the drink queues and the cloak-room queues though, hope that helps in planning ahead!

Be safe!



DIPESH : 📞 07411 189665 [Farnborough/Hampshire]
NASHIB : 📞 07853 058371 [London]
SUMAN : 📞 07584 047621 [Kent / London]
XP : 📞 07588 586836 [Berkshire / Surrey]
Bish : 📞 07537 919251 [Aldershot / Hampshire]

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