WATCH : Mardi Himal Trek In Video!

Is it just me or has the Mardi Himal Trek totally become a ‘thing’ of 2017. With the trek being a favourite because of its duration and ease in comparison to other routes, it seems that a trek to Mardi Himal has become quite a trend latey. Of course, a world where more of us travel respectfully is one that I encourage and it’s great to see so many of us out and exploring! Keep respect consistent, have fun but don’t ruin it for others and the people who call it home. Most importantly, when travelling – open up to others and the environment around you.

Here’s a stunning video (in the list of stunning videos of Mardi Himal) of Mardi Himal trek by Sujata Gurung. How cute is that door prop with the Fanta bottle at 1:53. 0:43 is also beautiful.

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Lex Limbu
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