WATCH: How Chyangra Pashmina Is Made in Nepal

Pashmina, one of the main items of trade in Nepal is the country’s third largest export item. With exports of the goods being unpredictable, the trademark CHYANGRA PASHMINA, a revered luxury fiber was introduced in 2011 to restore confidence of foreign customers. The registration of the trademark spans over 40 countries. Chyangra Pashmina is sourced from the native Himalayan mountain goats called ‘Chyangra’ (capra hircus laniger). The process of how a Chyangra Pashmina is made has been documented in the film below. Fascinating watch, I actually never knew about pashmina’s that much apart from seeing them on display and for sale.

Click here to watch the documentary.

Chyangra Pashmina Documentary Film from Lucent Pictures on Vimeo.

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