NEPAL MINDS Asks Public Their Views On Gay Marriage!

From the sea of YouTube videos being uploaded every day, NEPAL MINDS is one show that captivates and continues to inform. On its sixth episode, Malvika Biswas not only gave a quick education on what LGBTIQ means but also brought Sophie Sunuwar and Anupam Shrestha to share their story! The social experiment was one which had me nervous and seeing the reaction (or lack of) of the public and the police in the first experiment was pretty disheartening. However, the heroic lady at the end with an attitude to live for MADE THIS VIDEO SO MUCH MORE FOR ME! THAT LADY WAS INCREDIBLE!! What she said at the end left me speechless. So bad ass.

I like to believe that there are more people out there who like to see each other do good, be good and FEEL GOOD and there were some really stand-out people in this video who wants those identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning to feel good and be themselves. So much informing to do and so long to go but I feel positive. I hope marriage equality is something that is not too far for Nepal.

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Lex Limbu
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