MALE NUDE Art Exhibition By Kapil Mani Dixit And Roshan Mishra

Art by Roshan Mishra

Drawing inspiration from the human figure, artist Kapil Mani Dixit and Roshan Mishra’s upcoming MALE NUDE art exhibition opens on February 9 at Gallery MCube in Lalitpur. In the exhibition, Dixit will display seven male nude paintings depicting different forms of a male body whilst Mishra has used himself as a model for this series of work. With the showcase of the nude male body, Mishra hopes that the exhibition can reach out to males who feel timid, shy, tender or even dominant and urges all to celebrate the male figure. Similarly, Dixit adds “I believe our society is too judgemental towards Male Nude painting. While female nude paintings are easily accepted by society, male nude paintings and drawings are still not appreciated and accepted. Viewers still feel uncomfortable looking at the male nude. Through this exhibition I would like to tell the audience that the male body is as beautiful as a female body”.

Having known each other since early college days at the Lalit Kala Campus, Kapil and Roshan were soon separated with the pursuit of studying abroad. With both artists being back in Nepal for few years now, their plans to collaborate on an art project has finally been achieved through the Male Nude Art Exhibition. The exhibition opens at 4PM on February 9 and will run till 15th February.

Kapil Mani Dixit’s NUDE AT THE MUSEUM

Binod Shahi’s Body Paint Art By Kapil Mani Dixit

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