BAJEKO SEKUWA Now Open In Queens, New York!

The Nepali New Year 2075 started with a bang for the food-chain BAJEKO SEKUWA with their first opening in America! The latest branch offering mouth-watering authentic dishes from sekuwa to choila opened in Sunnyside in Queens, New York. With the announcement of Bajeko Sekuwa going State side earlier this year, the food-chain promises more branches in USA and Qatar, Sydney and Finland! Loving the sound of this – but what about London or the Nepali heavy towns of Aldershot and Ashford in the UK? Don’t forget us please. *One can dream*

Photo: Nishant Shrestha

The opening of the first BAJEKO SEKUWA in USA was attended by many Nepalis from New York with live performances by Ram Krishna Dhakal and Jagdish Samal.

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