Uni’ of Roehampton Nepalese Society’s Powerful Dance Performance Wins Inter-Uni!

The 6th Inter-University Nepalese Dance Competition was won by University of Roehampton Nepalese Society! The society performed a powerful dance performance which started off on a wonderful positive note until things suddenly escalate with some dramatic scenes unfolding onstage. The performance received a standing ovation from the judges Pawan Kandel, Sujata Rai, Jenny Sunuwar and Samir Gurung. This years event was hosted by the winning society of 2017 – Kingston University Nepalese Society at the Empire in Aldershot on June 9.

The 6th Inter-Uni saw over dozen university societies participating from across the UK. Whilst I attended and watched the first half of the performances, I sadly missed the second half. I watched the winning performance on YouTube and can totally see why they won! The dance in the beginning was so immaculate. Following closely were University of East London and SOAS’s combined performance which was very entertaining! I loved how they ended their performance – you’ll have to watch to see what I mean.

The second runner-up for the event were Queen Mary University Nepalese Society and UCL Nepalese Society who danced their butts off to Neetesh Jung Kunwar’s hit to the very very popular song ‘Viral Bhaidiyo’. All three winning performances were super entertaining and worthy of being in the top three! They were not alone as a quick browse through Mani Ram Rai’s YouTube channel will showcase that there were plenty other competing universities with pretty fun performances too. More videos should be on their way!

Cannot wait for what 2019 holds!

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