GB Brummell’s Here To Jazz Up Nepali Men’s Fashion!

Presenting a sophisticated style statement is he who wears GB BRUMMELL. The fairly new brand is a mixture of class, personality and presentation. GB BRUMMELL’s every piece from the easy-iron shirts to the patterned formal pants aims to present you for the best. It’s apt for that 10AM meeting or lunch that you simply cannot avoid.

For those that naturally end up making a statement, a fashion statement that is, on the weekends then one can simply opt for the pattern suits and floral prints that are taking the summer by storm. Even the likes of superstar Anmol KC has adorned a warm navy tailored suit by GB BRUMMELL. The fashion house has over 40 years of rich history in textile and clothing. So GB BRUMMELL is actually not that young; it’s a new reimagination. One that fits the taste of the present and the changing.

Saugat Malla

Their exquisite finish and immaculate tailoring means that their suits will perfectly wrap your body. From skinny suits to casual jackets, GB BRUMMELL is already fulfilling the needs of Nepal’s actors to working professionals in Kathmandu. Saugat Malla wore GB BRUMMELL earlier in the year and I am sure the photos had many speechless.

Suraj Chiluwal in GB Brummell

The brand’s ESQUIRE collection comprises of fun ready to wear summer shirts with many in colours that are light and easy to the eyes. From your casual Friday night in the city to chilling with friends post-Wold Cup, the ESQUIRE collection can be worn everywhere. With a tagline ‘Be The Gentleman’, the brand is on a mission to bring a style revolution and where else but to start from Kathmandu itself.

GB BRUMMELL Ambassador Anoop Bikram Shahi

GB BRUMMELL can be shopped at The Regal Inc. – Civil Mall Kathmandu. Their mascot and the man who represents the brand the best is unsurprisingly ANOOP BIKRAM SHAHI. I mean, have you seen him? He always looks suave and ready. The light blue blazer complimented with the blue tie and light khaki formal pants worn by the actor is a creation of GB BRUMMELL. The tailor-made suit worn by Shahi is from the sollection MONSIUER.

GB BRUMMELL Ambassador Anoop Bikram Shahi

Dapper – that’s how you’ll look in GB BRUMMELL. With no guarantee on stock, it’s recommended that you enquire right away.


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