Pretty Boy Curtis Waters Releases The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same

The Stunnin’ hitmaker is here with a fresh new release! Curtis Waters, the US based musician has dropped his new song ‘The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same’. The new track is dreamy and feel good! Almost made me think I was in some Indie 500 Days of Summer type of film whilst listening to the song. So cute. The Nepal born twenty-year old broke out on TikTok over lockdown and has now landed across everyones playlist on Spotify! His social media handles reveal him as goofy, unfiltered and very adorable. Yep, you should definitely give him a follow!

Waters who goes by his real name Abhi Bastakoti at home has been sharing his story to papers across the world from Nepali Times, The Guardian and Complex. I’d highly encourage you to read his interview with Complex; it makes a brilliant read and he’s refreshingly honest too. Curtis opens up big time about his mental health and shares more about his journey (after all, a ‘HIT’ takes a lot of work). Here’s a line that I really really like… “For all those years, I just felt like this weird person, saying all these weird things on the internet. But I knew that as long as I felt that what I was doing was cool or right or important, other people would feel the same and eventually, it would make sense to my parents… I’ve always known that what I was doing was right, but the numbers are just validation for other people to see that, as well. Because no one believes in you until everyone believes in you, right?”. His new release The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same shows that Waters has range! From fun-poppy Stunnin’, angry System to a mellow The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same, it’s exciting to see what more he has to offer when his debut album drops this fall.

While you’re here, check out Stunnin’ for the good times.

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