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My Super-Busy FashionMandu 2016 Experience!

If you're reading this then you might be 5% interested to read about my recent trip down under to Australia for FashionMandu! Well I hope I can increase that from 5% to...

FashionMandu 2016 In Photos!

It has indeed been a while since FashionMandu 2016 and I'm sure atleast some of you have been waiting for me to write and share about the event here on the blog....

THITO ALERT – Sangit Shrestha

Sydney based aspiring Nepalese model Sangit Shrestha makes the cut for the THITO ALERT feature! The Chitwan born lad first got his taste of the modelling and pageant scene with Mr Nepal...

Highlights Of FashionMandu 2015

With the fashion runway event FashionMandu only days from taking place in Sydney, let us go back a year and see the highlights of FashionMandu 2015! The first FashionMandu event took place...

Countdown To FashionMandu 2016 in Sydney With Namrata Shrestha!

Namrata Shrestha and I will be in Sydney next month! We're pretty upbeat about our short trip for FashionMandu 2016. The event which takes place at the Hurstville Entertainment Center on Friday...

Namrata Shrestha Confirmed For FashionMandu 2016 in Sydney!

It's Official! Actress Namrata Shrestha has been announced as the showstopper for FashionMandu 2016 in Sydney! The Nepalese model and actress who is well known for her films Sano Sansar, Mero Euta Saathi...

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