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Prince Harry Attends Nepal Bicentennial Reception At Nepal Embassy London

Prince Harry attended the Nepal Bicentennial Reception at the Embassy of Nepal in London on Monday afternoon. The event was held to mark the 200 years of UK - Nepal relations. The...

When Princess Beatrice Came To Nepal – PHOTOS

After Prince Harry wooed the nation, it was Princess Beatrice’s turn to visit Nepal. The twenty-eight year old Princess and elder daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York was in Kathmandu visiting...

An Open Letter To Prince Harry By A Gurkha’s Daughter

Here's an open letter by a daughter of a Gurkha soldier Sona to Prince Harry. Feel free to have a read. Dear Prince Harry, We Nepalese are smitten and besotted with your good-heartedness, simplicity,...

PHOTOS: Prince Harry Supports Earthquake Project in Nepal

Photos from Prince Harry's extended Nepal stay have finally surfaced. After the end of his official Nepal visit, the British Prince stayed an extra six days to assist with an earthquake project...

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