Prince Harry Attends Nepal Bicentennial Reception At Nepal Embassy London

Prince Harry attended the Nepal Bicentennial Reception at the Embassy of Nepal in London on Monday afternoon. The event was held to mark the 200 years of UK – Nepal relations. The Prince who visited Nepal officially in March 2016 extended his trip to volunteer with Team Rubicon, assisting with earthquake reconstruction work. The Prince looked smart in a suit as he spoke about his wonderful time in Nepal and working alongside Gurkhas in Afghanistan. The event saw a Khukuri performance as well as a Nepali dance by the Miss UK Nepal ladies.


Twitter Photo: @KensingtonPalace

Twitter Photo: @KensingtonPalace

Twitter Photo: @KensingtonPalace

Twitter Photo: @KensingtonPalace

Twitter Photo: @KensingtonPalace

Highlights from Prince Harry’s speech:

“I am delighted to join you on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, to bring to a close our year of joint celebrations, marking 200 years of friendship and cooperation between Nepal and the United Kingdom.”

“The warmth of the welcome and hospitality from everyone I met, particularly from Mrs Mangali Tamang and her family, who I stayed with in Lorani, is something that I will never forget.”

“I will also never forget the views from Lorani across the Annapurna mountain range or the beautiful wildernesses of Bardia National Park.”


“My father spoke of how important his 40 year association to the Gurkhas is to him. Even though my association hasn’t been quite as long, I also draw a great deal of pride and joy from my association with the Gurkhas.”

“I am not alone in this admiration and gratitude. The Gurkha 200 Pageant was attended by Her Majesty The Queen; a mark of the high esteem with which the Gurkhas are held in this country. 

This warmth was also demonstrated by the public fundraising campaign which followed the earthquake in 2015. It is no exaggeration to say that the people of Nepal and the Gurkhas in particular, hold a very special place in the heart of the British public and in my family.”

If you want to read the full speech – click here.

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