Cost of Death

14 Year old me 🙂
What do you mostly think about? Don’t think. Just say it.
Life beyond education is all I seem to be thinking about lately or the dream of having my own TV talk show, Late Night with Lex. Not quite original but beats Latte with Lex haina. Before you blurt out the name of a popular Bollywood director, no… My vision is so much more beyond talking about movies and attempting to create controversies between figures of the same industry. Sapana dekhda dekhdaii bhulinchu kahile kahi, but taking ME out from my aswesoME plan, let me try to steer you towards the point of this write-up here. “Search for a funeral plan for us” my dad said. Uff another thing to Google and investigate, I thought. As if blogging about A-Z on wasn’t enough, now I’m likely to be very well informed about something that is of no use to me. Oh how wrong I was.
After whizzing through few UK based companies, Dignity, Sunlife, Co-Op and Age UK, it quickly hit me that my dad wanted me to search for a “funeral plan” for him and my mum. Is this normal, I asked myself. Technically, he’s arranging his funeral. Well, he is a bit lazy as he wants me to pick the best rates and options but you get the picture right? Now each company has several plans which reflects the depth of service it provides, whilst the costlier plans could leave your pocket empty of £4000, you would be highly pleased to know that the coffin accommodating your body would have a mahogany effect and it also includes Thank You cards to be sent out to all those that attend your funeral (limit of 150). Surely, going to heaven at this rate. If you really think your loss will indeed create a huge gap in your family’s life then voila! The plan also includes Bereavement Counselling! What could be better than an expert helping you deal with your loss aye’
Whilst my mum listened eagerly on the background, I started reporting my findings to my dad. A question sprung up that totally overlooked all that I had discovered. Nepal. I hadn’t thought about Nepal, but he had. He was impatient to know whether these plans would cover deaths taking place outside of the UK. When I returned to inform him that the plans did not cover Nepal, mother instantly started whining about the point in buying a plan when there isn’t a certainty of their location of death. I didn’t quite know how to react. Though most ‘uncles & aunties’ always stay faithful to the line, “naniharuko padhai sidhhiyepachi hami ta Nepal farkanchau, hamro lagi yaha kehi chaina”, I think many will end up eating their very own lines. I believe that was very well what my dad probably had in his mind as he hesitantly asked “decision banaunu paryo, yo plan liney bhane aba Nepal na jane bhayincha” to my mum. By now her face wore a startled grim look.
A question mark rapidly imprinted on my face, an invisible one of course. Should my dad have asked me to search for a funeral plan for him? Is this not what the sons and daughters should worry about and act upon when such an event does take place later on in our life? Is he worried that my siblings or I will not be able to give him or my mum a good send-off? Or is he just being very prepared. Yes, he’s just being prepared I told myself. Even as I write this today, those are questions I have yet to address to him.
The cost here, is so much more than thousands of pounds here. It’s the cost that families will inevitably be broken apart. Whilst my parents may be able to make a decision now, I can’t. I can’t make a decision about where I will be in the days to come. I’m not lost, nor shall I wander in a voyage that I often dream about yet it’s very likely work and the hunger to gain experience will drive me away from the land I’ve come to know as home and away from my parents to whom it’s my ‘duty’ to look after…
What are you thinking about?
Written by Lex Limbu for Navyaata Magazine
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Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. “I’m not lost, nor shall I wander in a voyage that I often dream about yet it’s very likely work and the hunger to gain experience will drive me away from the land I’ve come to know as home and away from my parents to whom it’s my ‘duty’ to look after…” I have been thinking the same way.

  2. Well this is what western country is all about. How about going back to Nepal with all you families and you never have to worry about the funeral cost.
    lets be Nepali and dont let our parents worry about their funeral.

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