Know The Ladies – Miss UK Nepal 2012

Preparation for Miss UK Nepal 2012 is well underway! The beauty pageant which has in the past crowned Nabina Gurung (2010) and Gaumaya Gurung (2011) as the leading beauty queens is once again on the hunt for the suitable contestant to carry forth the responsibilities as a Miss UK Nepal. This year there are ten contestants aged from sixteen to twenty-two. The grand finale will take place in Oakfarm Community Hall in Farnborough on 9th September.
Contestants of beauty pageants and beauty queens are on the receiving end of a lot of criticism from the public. To avoid this, I advise the girls to be very careful about what they share, don’t say things that you aren’t going to do. Also, do not imitate beauty queens. You as a contestant should bring something to the new avatar rather than bettering what’s already on show. 
Be real.

For now, sharing the profile shots of the ladies (alphabetical order).

ASHIKA RAI – Contestant No. 6
DURGA GURUNG – Contestant No. 1
MASNA GURUNG – Contestant No. 9
MUNA SHRESTHA – Contestant No. 8
NAMRATA PUN – Contestant No. 7
NAYAN GURUNG – Contestant No. 10
PARIKA ALE – Contestant No. 4
PUSHPA SUNUWAR – Contestant No. 5
ROSY OLI – Contestant No. 2
TINA PURJA – Contestant No. 3

Do you have a favourite already? Comment BELOW!


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Lex Limbu
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  1. good luck to all this contestants, but, too many hot air are coming out from their mouth…

    some are too young, inconsistent in language (sometime nepali, sometime english)

    can’t trust anyone that they will contribute something good to our country, as whoever is the winner will just run away with the prize, or is visible as a interviewer in Parties lol!!!…

    so, if you all are determine to do something good to our country then, there is vote otherwise, this things just doesn’t give me sense…


  2. Please vote Rosy. She is Intelligent, charming, beautiful, well spoken, down to earth and helpful. By the way, many thanks for giving me a Mt Everest’s panaromic scenery on London Mela. Much appreciated n best of luck..

  3. My vote goes to contestant no 2 ROSY OLI she most beautiful talented and down to earth person. good luck Rosy.

  4. Contestant no.3 Tina Purja is desired of all. Young, enthusiastic, bold minded and beautiful that all sums up to be desired contestant to be crowned Miss UK-NEPAL 2012.

  5. Dear sweet heart PARIKA ALE I have believe on the god that you will be the best of world. Because my heart was telling me that you will diffidently achieved your target that you are dreaming best wishes.
    Nuwais Abudhabi Dubai

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