Rekha Thapa On WAVE Magazine

Can't believe this...
Can’t believe this…

Rekha Thapa Wearing GABI
Rekha Thapa Wearing GABI

Holy Shamoly!

Who would have thought that Rekha Thapa would one day grace the cover of WAVE magazine. As I sit here and look at this amazing cover I ask myself, why did it take so long? Why didn’t WAVE/NAVYAATA/LIVING and more contact the actress sooner? Maybe she doesn’t work the urban crowd? Anyways putting that aside I believe Rekha Thapa is one of the biggest names in Nepal. Of course many of the controversies and rumours that follow her has a part to play but you have to give it to Miss Thapa for cleverly picking her roles, promoting her films and always remaining in the media. Even if that means by threatening some journalists to leave her own press conference. I once referred to her as the Paris Hilton of Nepal, both are very clever and determined personalities. Well that’s my view.

The Number 1 Nepali actress and also a new member of the communist party is seen wearing Oodni Boutique on the cover of Nepals most loved youth magazine. Here’s how the new editor of WAVE, Malvika Subba described Rekha Thapa.

Rekha Thapa is a SUPERSTAR,there is no doubt. She is adored by the masses and is always in the headlines in media. She is in competition with the men, not even the women, which sets her apart. – Malvika Subba

This is one interview that I am dying to read. I literally cannot wait and I am not only an admirer of Rekha Thapa the personality but I have actually seen several films of hers and I really liked Hami Teen Bhai, Durga and Bato Muniko Phool. Actually, I just realized I also watched one film where Rekha Thapa plays a princess… it was awful but she won the Best Actress Award for it. The power of Rekha Thapa.

PS. Hair and make-up by Sakil Kunwar, photography by Sushan Shreshta, the ehtnic wear is by Oodni and the red tuxedo is from GABI.

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  1. Superb!!!!!

    The film which you are talking about in which she plays princess is “Kasle Choryo Mero Mann”.

  2. She is in competition with the men, not even the women, which sets her apart.???I really don’t know what made Mrs. Shrestha quote something like that. She’s made joke of herself now and again. Giving off stupid ass remarks and talking nonsense has been her Hallmark characteristic in Nepali Entertainment sector. Maybe Mrs.Shrestha saw Prachande and baburame as her competitor in terms of talking nonsense and making joke out of themselves.

    • I believe the Editor Malvika Subba meant , that she is not in competition with her female actors but the male actors. Please get the gist before you comment rudely. Not everything has to be black and white. And she is the most respected woman we have in the industry, unlike people like you , who have nothing to do but write such comments. Get a life and do something productive.

      • I am done with people who cannot really defend themselves or someone they want to and reply something like “Get a life.” Dude, I have a life. Maybe much more productive than yours. Posting comments like this which is not coming out of jealousy but something more than that doesn’t make me a loser.
        Most respected women??? She thinks she is doing social work by playing as an actress in a movie and now she wants to help people by getting in politics.Ass. Last time she wanted to be head of Nepal Film Association or something but she couldn’t be and that’s what made her join infamous Prachnade’s group. Have you ever seen doing any social works otherwise? Namrata Shrestha celebrated her birthday in Bridhaashram I think , even that is enough.
        She doesn’t know what to speak, where to speak. She has cold relation with most of the actors. She exposes unnecessarily. Acts childish in a lot of cases. Things can go on.
        It’s disheartening to see most famous Nepalese actress as such. She’s made a LOUD joke of Nepalese actor, women and herself.

  3. I agree with Nesporine that the editor’s comment- “She is in competition with the men, not even the women” was a stupid one. For a person who is seen by many as a strong role model for women, the statement Ms editor made implies that women in general are always competing amongst themselves and not with the other sex which is totally ignorant.

  4. copy cat,copy cat,copy cat, c is tryin to look herself bollywood’s momorable actress Madhubala,f***in’ kathani,y dont jus b urself u woof woof!!!

  5. Rekha is always has been going through high controversial highway n will be. The reason behind is as simple as counting 1,2,3. She is a dynamic apex, although little graduated but highly educated. She has a high creativity in film making n high accessibility n wider entrance into her hesrt for the people n her fans. I know see was more controversial last time after see made US visit. If I were her, I would more behamently made a disgusting remark to (some) American Nepalese. Because, you know, she was deliberately critiised in one of the dramatised Program called Abhinandan. One of the critisers was a lady whose name was Rama, ex- nepal news reader. She didn’t critise only Rekha but she religated her own country-nepal. She did praise Atal behari bechpai n barak obama

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