Photos of Prabal Gurung in Nepal

Wearing a Dhaka topi (Instagram: PrabalGurung)
Wearing a Dhaka topi (Instagram: PrabalGurung)

How many of you guys watched In Conversation With Prabal Gurung through RVL RADIO’s REV CAM??

I just want to thank the internet lord for not messing with us that good Friday and giving us a lag free stream. Thank the lord. The SOLD OUT talk event by Shikshya Foundation Nepal was moderated by Ashutosh Tiwari and was organized to raise money for CNN Hero Pushpa Basnet’s Early Childhood Development Center.

Now on to the talk! Ashutosh was a wonderful interviewer and he didn’t fail to touch up on the most important stages of Prabal’s life. From his childhood and being different to his working days in Mumbai and love for Bollywood, Prabal spoke candidly about his upbringing, the present and where he’s heading. Questions about his decision to naturalize as an American citizen was also asked to which Prabal replied that he’s a “global citizen”, someone who was born in Singapore, spent his childhood years in Nepal, worked his way in India and made a place for himself in the USA. He emphasised how a story like his would only have been possible in America and he’s grateful for everything that the country has provided for him and also his contribution to the American fashion scene. The globe-trotting fashion designer also spoke regarding the convenience of an American passport during international travels.

Few lucky attendees also got an opportunity to ask questions to Prabal. Whilst some asked questions regarding what his contribution to Nepali fashion would be, others congratulated him for his success till date and threw in some advice for him to continue to inspire the Nepali youths and also tell the world that “Buddha was born in Nepal”, Epic LOLZ but yes someone did say that. The most awkward part of the whole thing was the moment when a man stood up to ask a question on behalf of his ‘actress’ friend if Prabal would design for the actress if her film does get nominated for the OSCARS. I can’t be asked writing everything down but basically the actress was Nisha Adhikari and Prabal requested the actress to speak for herself but the friend was like, noo Im asking on behalf of her and then PG said, it would depend on the film, he would have to see it, the actress and all… and then awkwardly Nisha Adhikari stood up and congratulated Prabal but then the moderator asked Nisha to introduce herself……. and then, lol she basically reframed the question to a statement sorta thangg saying how she was happy that he chose to dress the likes of Oprah and Michelle Obama. It was all a bit too much to register in such a short amount of time but something very share worthy if it ever finds itself on youtube. Why would you ask someone for a dress and then say something like… Im speaking as a “Nepali to Nepali”.

Those of you that watched the show or were there, let me know what was your highlight and what you thought of the whole event.

Prabal was also interviewed on RVL Radio on Saturday 2nd November on ONE-ON-ONE by Prasan Syangden. Apart from questions about his life, his time in Nepal and everything else, RVL played a playlist by Prabal. He also shared that he will be retuning to New York after Tihar. And yes, I of course couldn’t let the opportunity pass so I also sent a question for Prabal to RVL Radio… he answered the question and also said a few nice things. Wonderful.

Prabal Gurung with former Miss Nepal Sadichha Shrestha.
Prabal Gurung with former Miss Nepal Sadichha Shrestha.

Prabal with a fan, read her blog review of the event here.
Prabal with blogger SWANKY RANA, read her blog review of the event here.

PS. Feel free to watch my new VLOG – LIFE RIGHT NOW or jump to the end at 11:58 for the shoutout from Prabal Gurung.

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  1. This is so sweet 🙂 Finally Wohoooo We have Lex updating about our Fav Prabal Gurung 🙂 indeed it was such a wonderful moment for me as well 🙂 and many others for sure.

    It was one such amazing moment when Prabal da did gave a shout out to you and i really feel great when he shared it 🙂 Loving the moment Lex 🙂 😀

  2. What the fuck Ram Khadkaha speaking about?? You are purely aracist and envying towards a successful Mongolian man. If you are a real Nepalise you should be proud of him. He is pride of Nepal.

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