Gurkha Hunger Strike Ends On Day 15

Former Gurkha veteran Gyan Raj Rai with actress Joanna Lumley
Former Gurkha veteran Gyan Raj Rai with actress Joanna Lumley.                         Picture: The Guardian

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The “Gurkha Satyagraha” hunger strike finally came to an end on Thursday 21st November afternoon after a group of MP’s announced plans to hold an inquiry into the matters presented by the campaign. After the news was announced on BBC, Gurkha Justice supporter and actress Joanna Lumley made her way to meet the Gurkha veteran Gyan Raj Rai who was on his 15th day of the hunger strike. The actress and the 55 year old veteran announced the end of the hunger strike in the presence of the media and supporters of the campaign. The actress was also seen gifting Mr Rai a basket of fruit and water.

Days before the hunger strike came to an end, thousands of Gurkhas marched down Whitehall to highlight what is being referred to as the “historic injustice” by the campaign. Speaking to the media and the campaigners, actress Lumley shared “This is a happy day for all concerned … Everything that you want to say to parliament will be heard over the next few months as a matter of extreme importance and urgency so today is a day of celebration and satisfaction and courage.”

Day 7 of Gurkha Satyagraha - Hunger Strike. Mr Gyan Raj Rai in the middle.
Day 7 of Gurkha Satyagraha – Hunger Strike. Mr Gyan Raj Rai in the middle.

I also went to the site of the hunger strike on Day 7 and met Mr Gyan Raj Rai and his support team. The former Gurkha veteran spoke about the importance of equal pensions, which thousands of Gurkhas have been deprived of. He showed no sign of giving up and shared that his fellow Gurkha friends are willing to continue had there been any hiccups along the way. I am very relieved to hear about the peaceful end to this campaign and I hope the results from the inquiry (expected in the new year) will be in agreement with both parties.

To read more about what will happen now, click here.

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