The Battle Of The Uniform : Buddha Air Versus Yeti Airlines

Buddha Air .v. Yeti Airlines
Buddha Air .v. Yeti Airlines

I’ve wanted to do this blog-post for a really long time but I had never found any good HQ images of the Buddha Air cabin crew. However, since Buddha Air is now all active on Twitter and Facebook (finally!!) I found a few photos of their cabin crew. So here it is, photos of Buddha Air cabin crew and Yeti Airlines Cabin Crew.

Who’s uniform do you prefer more?

For me, it’s hands down Yeti Airlines! Buddha Air should revamp it up and make their uniform more, fresh, fun and young.

PS. Maybe one of the airline should get a Nepali fashion designer to design their uniform, like you know, Prabal Gurung for that Japanese airline.

Original Images

Photo: Yeti Airlines (FB)

Photo: Yeti Airlines (FB)

Photo: Buddha Air (FB)

Photo: Buddha Air (FB)

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