Baburam Bhattarai Turns To Goat Farming


Wanna know the HWATTT news right now?? Baburam Bhattarai will soon be starting goat farming in his home district of Gorkha! This is not a joke! The ex-PM is the advisor of the Deepesh Raju Memorial Agriculture Cooperative with daughter Manushi as the chairperson. Speaking at the inauguration, Bhattarai stressed on the importance of commercial livestock farming and the need of modernizing agriculture. The goat farming will take place across 38 ropanis of land on the hillside of Khoplang in Gorkha.

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  1. Modernizing agriculture is in fact a potentially great area to start working on for Nepal. However, with regards to commercial goat farming, I’m curious in knowing to what extent he wants to take it and how that would actually play out in Nepal’s cultural scene. I hope he has done enough research.

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