Two Young Delhiites Speak Out Against Racism

To be different is a blessing because you are unique, special and have something that others may not. But to many, being different can be a curse. It invites unwanted remarks, discrimination at different places from school to employment and could even result to extreme racism. We’ve heard and read about people facing prejudice because they are not the way we are… It’s even more devastating to know that people are scared of those who aren’t like them and sometimes they resort to violence to intimidate ‘the other’. Whilst some suffer and survive, some lose the battle and resort to taking their own lives. Racism doesn’t just happen between ‘black and white’, it happens all over the world and affects a range of people. It happens in Nepal, India, China and even the most developed of places – London, Tokyo, Sydney!

I stumbled across this video by Curious Cousins Production where Sagar and Gayatri, two young Indians from New Delhi with North-East Indian/Oriental features (ethnically Nepalese) talk the viewers through some of the experience of Indians in their own country. To feel like an outsider in your own country or in your own home can leave many feeling empty and have serious impact on the mind and body. Of course, not everyone is bad and there are good people… like Gayatri says reading the quote, we need to continue hearing the voices of the good people.


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Lex Limbu
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