Twins Come Out To Dad

YouTubers Aaron and Austin are popular under their channel “The Rhodes Bros” where they make vlog’s about everything from How To Take a Selfie, Pros and Cons Of Being Twins to covering popular songs! Oh yes, Aaron and Austin are twins. Their recent video upload has clocked over 10 million views in just a few days. In the video, the twins come out to their father over the phone. The message that the twins want you to take away from this viewing is to “Be Yourself”. It’s also wonderful to hear the thoughts from the father… his children will always be his and he cannot undo being a dad. Very powerful and encouraging. Unfortunately, not all coming out stories go down well… many have been filmed in a similar manner.

It is important for individuals to feel comfortable with who they are and their preferences. That does not mean that as individuals, one has to share with the whole world but sharing about yourself – when you are okay to do so – with the people that you feel comfortable with should make the journey a whole lot easier.

Twins Come Out To Dad
Twins Come Out To Dad
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