Shooting an Elephant – Filmed in Nepal (TEASER)

SHOOTING AN ELEPHANT, an upcoming short-film based on a George Orwell story starring actor Barry Sloane, Anup Baral and Shilpa Maskey has been entirely filmed in Nepal. The thirteen minute long short has been  directed Juan Pablo Rothie and Academy Award nominated writer Alec Sokolow.

Looks interesting! This reminds me – gotta go read the Burmese Days. Hopefully we can watch Shooting an Elephant soon.

The Pretty Lady - Shilpa Maskey
The Pretty Lady – Shilpa Maskey

Shooting-an-Elephant-Nepal-1 Shooting-an-Elephant-Poster-Nepal


George Orwell famously shot an elephant in Burma when he was twenty-five years old and working as a colonial policeman. The animal, which had been in musth (a sexual period when male elephants are hyper aggressive), had just killed a man. Ordered by his superiors, egged on by the distrusting natives, he suddenly found himself public executioner — a violent role that stripped him of his humanity and dignity. This was 1927.

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