Malvika Subba’s Beautiful Announcement!!

Photographer -Sushil Chettri
Photographer -Sushil Chettri

Malvika Subba had been teasing her 61,000+ followers on Instagram with blank posts and what looked like ‘Google searched’ images of ‘announcement’ on her account for the past few days. Whilst I had my guesses on something related to the Samsung Galaxy A8 which Subba has been promoting recently, the big news came in today via another Insta post. With a simple photo of her and her hubands love Coffee, shoes and a baby scan, the Miss Nepal and media personality shared “We are expanding as a family. #April2016 #expecting #pregnant #feelslikeadream #Coffee” with her growing Instagram family.

Wonderful news to start the year off with! I am so happy for Malvika and Riyaj. The couple got married in 2012 in Kathmandu – you can see their wedding blogpost here!


PS. She has also recently joined Viber public chats so feel free to head over there to congratulate her.


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