VIDEO: When Sunuk Met Sarala Thapa!

A special shout-out to these two Nepalese YouTubers/personalities from the UK who are doing pretty interesting things in their own turf. Sunu Sunuk is a budding fashion designer/blogger and is also a bundle of positive energy when it comes to fostering support for one another and promoting kindness online. Sunuk recently caught up with Sarala Thapa who is a popular figure in the Nepalese community in the UK and beyond. Sarala has worked with BFBS Yuva Vibes radio show, university radio shows, hosting various Nepalese events to participating at the very first Miss UK Nepal. She’s popularly recognised for her Nepali Village Life YouTube video series and her many fundraising activities for various individuals and the post-earthquake relief assistance in Nepal.

This video sees Sunuk interviewing Sarala about her journey into emceeing, charity/voluntary work and more.

Love their energy! Keep doing your thing Sunuk and Sarala!


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Lex Limbu
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