Beat The Heat At Whoopee Land Amusement and Water Park in Chobhar

A visit to newly opened Whoopee Land Amusement and Water Park sounds like the best way to beat the Kathmandu heat. The water park in Chobhar opened to the public on July 6 and offers seventeen different rides for visitors.

According to KTM2Day, Innovations Pvt. Ltd has invested NRS 250 million in creating the park. The park operators are hopeful that Whoopee land will be the destination for family and young people seeking a weekend activity and a water-park experience. The park comes with fair-ground rides, shops, eateries and you can also see large sculptures dotted around. They’re really going for the Disney Land vibe! Great going, the photo looks very inviting as well.

Photos are from the official Whoopee Land Amusement and Water Park: Chobhar Facebook page, snapped by Pradeep Gurung.

Photo: Pradeep Gurung

Photo: OnlineKhabar

Whoopee-Land-Amusement-and-Water-Park-Nepal-1 Whoopee-Land-Amusement-and-Water-Park-Nepal

Photo: Pradeep Gurung

The Frisbee and The Ranger are for those who are daring whilst families can enjoy the less-thrilling The Swing Ship, The Octopus or The Bull Ride.

Tickets are currently on offer at an introductory rate of Nrs 495 for adults, however it is expect to increase to Nrs 825 for adults and Nrs 475 for children.

Okay. I really want to go there. Just need to convince friends.

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