Gurkha Jewellers UK’s New Valentines Day Ad Is Here!

With only twelve days till Valentines Day, expect to see a sea of red everywhere you go! A bit of romance is coming right here with this sweet Valentine’s Day advert by Gurkha Jewellers UK. The ad which features Pragya and Ibohang uses the song Valentine by Kina Grannis. Fitting! 😉

[Gaumaya Gurung For Gurkha Jewellers]

The advert has been created by Sultan Edhingo Films and filmed at the Namuna Restaurant in Ashford. Well done to Gurkha Jewellers for using different people from the UK and Nepal to promote their brand. In the past they have worked with Gaumaya Gurung, a well-known personality in the UK and model/actress Mala Limbu.

[Mala Limbu For Gurkha Jewellers]

Looks cute and lovely!

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