WATCH: Sabin Karki And Sabrina Gurung’s Flawless Dance To Ed Sheeran’s I SEE FIRE

Sabin ‘Beest’ Karki and Sabrina Gurung‘s dance choreography to Ed Sheeran’s I SEE FIRE is the perfect flashback! The song which was a huge hit in 2014 received the dance treatment by Sabin and Sabrina recently and they’ve given another effortless performance. It’s simply so relaxing to watch. The background is a bonus too 😉

Did you see that smile on Sabin’s face at 0:47, he looks so cute there! Love their matching outfit and that hand choreo for the word ‘fire’ as it comes.

Ah these guysssss! Killin’ it right left and centre!

PS. This ‘I SEE FIRE’ from Ed Sheeran is the Kygo Remix.

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Lex Limbu
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