Happy Birthday Namrata Shrestha!

It’s Namrata Shrestha‘s birthday today! On this birthday post, I wanted to celebrate not her acting but her singing. In the past, the Sano Sansar actress has covered Rohit John Chettri’s BISTARAI and the song Prakriti Ko Sundar from her film CLASSIC. I loved the cover of Bistarai. It was done so well and blended well with the theme of Soul Sister film. Surprisingly, I discovered the cover of Prakriti Ko Sundar only recently and I must say she has done a decent job there too.

Namrata wowed thousands in the crowd during the NepHop Revolution concert in Basantapur few years ago. She shared the stage with AIDRAY and many other NepHop rappers as she sang the NepHop Evolution theme song. Unfortunately, there’s only a small clip of her performance online. However, the actress recently belted out a few lines from the song KALE DAI from the film PARVA during the promotions for the film. She sounded brilliant!

Hope we get to hear more of Namrata Shrestha in the days to come! I look forward to watching PARVA and I sincerely wish her all the best with upcoming films, projects and whatever she is associated with. I hope she continues to change things up by exploring different characters, stories as well as making sure her reach and stardom positively shapes the lives of others. Of course, the best of health and mind to her. With this said, Happy Birthday Namrata!

Okay, I have to squeeze in a video here! Love the energy of this song and video! After all, not many people get a song after their name.

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