A beautiful woman always seems to attract men in two’s and three’s. Well, that is in the world of movies and music videos. The recent music video of Ghin Ghin Bajyo by singer Samir Acharya features The NEXT Team from Australia and the viewing experience is not too far from an over-the-top Nepali or Hindi film. The dance music video revolves around Pradeep and Amit’s quest to woo a lady, who unsurprisingly is already with another man. Ghin Ghin Bajyo is typically not a song that would find itself in the listening devices of the younger Nepalese music listeners. The video itself is average and a step away from the collection of work that The Next Team have previously produced.

It might be worthwhile for The Next Team to wisely select a song before jumping into another dance choreography.

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Lex Limbu
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