Namrata Shrestha’s Message On World Mental Health Day

PARVA actress Namrata Shrestha took to her social media profiles to talk about mental health! Today, Tuesday October 10 happens to be World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues. The actress wrote “Today is mental health awareness day, I would like to remember my loved ones who lost their battle against depression. You will live on in my heart! And to those of us who are suffering silently, don’t let your struggle become your identity! I know it’s tuff but please talk to someone close and seek professional help. After all it’s an illness and it can be treated! You are not alone!!!!”. Shrestha finished off the statement with the hashtag “you are not alone”.

Millions of people across the world are affected by mental illness. In the UK, one in four people are affected by mental illness with more and more being prescribed medicine. Even in Nepal, we come across news or have lost a loved one, family, friends or a distant acquaintance through their decision to take their life. Unfortunately, seeking help is even more scarce in Nepal. There is definitely a big gap in mental health treatment in Nepal. It is so important to be a friend that listens and also to share your problems. You, definitely are not alone.

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