#FuntasticParisGirls Cover COW SONG From Kohalpur Express

The #FuntasticParisGirls present their latest dance cover of the popular ‘COW SONG’ from Keki Adhikari’s KOHALPUR EXPRESS! The team who went viral after their Funtastic (Pani Paryo) dance cover video have received help from four young friends in the catchy song by Melina Rai and Rajan Raj Shiwakoti. The young boy and the team of girls who dance in this cover along with the #FuntasticParisGirls is brilliant! The three young girls are pretty cool – so much swag with the way they move and lipsync to the song.

Kohalpur Express brings together the leading actresses of the Nepali cinema – Priyanka Karki, Reecha Sharma and Keki Adhikari. The trailer packs a punch and is equipped with quite a few funny lines. Kohalpur Express releases on April 27th.

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