Niti Shah Shares A Video On Acid Attack Survivors in Nepal

Model Niti Shah recently used her platform to gather support for Muskan Khatun. 15 year old Muskan survived an acid attack in Birgunj in early September. According to news reports, the teenager was attacked by 16 year old Samsad Miya. In this new video shared by Shah, she takes viewers across to meet different acid attack survivors and their families.

The acid attack survivors urge the government for more action. The families request for more too. While I have not recently written or shared about all the terrible things that continue to happen to mainly women and young girls in Nepal, I cannot help but feel that there’s so much bad that continues to take place. We definitely need to enforce strict punishment.

I mean, do you remember that man who was pricking girls with a needle? Come on – what the hell is going on.

The model took part in a sushi making event at OCTAVE in Durbar Marg in 2017 to raise money for Sangita Magar (read here).

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