Khula Akash Duo Gaumaya and Deevas Take Viewers To Dolpa!

Gaumaya and Deevas, the travelling duo from Khula Akash recently launched their YouTube channel. Only second episode in, the travellers take viewers to the stunning Dolpa region and share the beauty that is Shey Phoksundo lake. Yes, that very lake popularised in the film Caravan or Sa Karnali music video by Nepathya.

The travel channel on YouTube was created to share stories, experiences and volunteering around the world. Talking about volunteering and experiences, don’t forget to catch up on the first episode where the duo and group carry out a sight testing mission in Gorkha! Aptly titled Glasses to Gorkha, it’s a delightful video where they combine travel and purpose seamlessly.

My personal favourite is how strong their Khula Akash introduction video is! Whilst I am not too big on YouTube travel vlogs… I have to say, travel vlogs are my current outlet to experiencing the world (thanks to you know what).

Enjoy travelling virtually with the duo! I look forward to more episodes.

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Lex Limbu
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