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Watch How 1974AD Rocked Kirtipur!

1974AD performed a spectacular gig in Kirtipur earlier this month in front of thousands of fans. The iconic rock band are back with their 10th album Nirantarta. The album is now available...

1974AD Meet And Greet At CLUB KTM

1974AD #thenewlineup are all set to perform in London on August 18th at The Coronet! The event by The Signaturee and D&G Entertainment have recently announced an after party 'Friday Fever' at...

1974AD’s Hazar Sapana UK Concert On August 18!

1974AD #thenewlineup will be performing in London this August! The Pahilo Junima rockers, back with their ninth studio album HAZAR SAPANA will be playing at the Coronet Theatre on August 18. The...

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Kathmandu Launch of Maggie Doyne’s ‘Between the Mountain and the Sky’ Book

Maggie Doyne's Kathmandu book launch for Between the Mountain and the Sky is covered by Lex!

‘From Taplejung to Oxford’ Book Launch for Dr Chandra Laksamba

Academics, Gurkha community stakeholders, friends and family members gathered in the UK on the 11th of February to mark the launch of From Taplejung...

Pangolin Woman Dr Tulshi Laxmi Suwal Receives Whitley Fund for Nature Award in London

Pangolin expert Dr Tulshi Laxmi Suwal awarded the Whitley Fund for Nature for her work to protect pangolins and their habitat.