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JAY AUTHOR Drops Video Teaser For ON TIME!

The JUICE x BACARDI singer is not playing with us. JAY AUTHOR has teased us with ON TIME video and it looks gorgeous! I'm gonna go there and say it - the...

FRIDAY FEVER With Jay Author And Aizen in London!

The official 1974 AD after party FRIDAY FEVER just got better with the announcement of Jay Author and AIZEN who will be performing at the Electric in Brixton on Friday 18th August....

Jay Author Teases Video For JUICE X BACARDI

Over the past few months we've come across some good, many average and some downright embarrassing songs that have made us cringe to the point where we've found ourselves gritting our teeth...

Astha And Jay Author Team Up For Silver Lining

What do you get when two musical people get together to create a record? Silver Lining! That's what you get! The new song wiritten and produced by Jay Author from UK features Astha...

Jay Author’s ONLY CARE Video Is Here And It’s REALLY Good

UK based aspiring musician JAY AUTHOR's latest track ONLY CARE is finally here and it's quite a treat! All the #WhoShotJay promo photos shared on social media really helped in building the...

VIDEO: Jay Author’s FOR YOU

Here's a vibey song that might fit into the playlist for your long summer drives or when you chill out in the open. FOR YOU is the debut single by Jay Author...

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