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Here’s The Running Man Challenge Dance Craze in Kathmandu!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPtbtQPeiok&feature=youtu.be The dance craze that has been spreading like wildfire has also reached Kathmandu! The video from Nepal showcases Kathmandu's landmarks and popular hotspots. Yesss!!! Get that promo Kathmandu! I thought the video...

PHOTOS: MaskMandu Campaign By Campaign For Clean Air Rights

Kathmandu at times can be called Dustmandu. From the many things out of control in the capital city, air pollution is one that affects all. The World Health Organization 2016 Air Quality...

See Nepal In The Doctor Strange Trailer

The trailer release of the MARVEL's Doctor Strange has literally got everyone talking! Everyone is talking about it for very different reasons; there's the MARVEL fans, Benedict Cumberbatch fans (or Cumburbitches as...

Cartoonz Crew’s New FUNTASTIC (Pani Paryo) Dance Cover

Popular with all ages, the Cartoonz Crew are back with a new dance cover of Almoda Rana Uprety's new song FUNTASTIC (Pani Paryo). As usual it's effortless and entertaining; very Cartoonz Crew!...

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Nepalese Basketball League Underway In UK

The first every Nepalese Basketball League is currently underway in the UK! The league brings eight teams from across the country.

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Luxury jewellery brand Kajal Naina's pearl necklaces made the perfect accessory for Mothers Day 2022.

Most Played Songs On SPOTIFY NEPAL

The audio streaming platform SPOTIFY only launched in Nepal in February 2021 but listeners have been busy! Spotify exclusively shared that "Nepal has listened...