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Samriddhi Rai’s First SAMMY ADVENTURES Video!

Samriddhi Rai's first episode from her new travel youtube series SAMMY ADVENTURES is finally here! The bubbly beauty queen is in the middle of a huge controversy right now and I definitely would...

Samriddhi Rai’s SAMMY ADVENTURES Teaser Is Finally Here!

Samriddhi Rai has been teasing everyone with her incredible travel photos on a daily basis! Whether it's skydiving in the Everest Region or doing a Namaste Jump in Upper Mustang, the woman...

Sherpa Unity – Voices From The Mountain Video

Here comes the second video from Doc McKerr's Return to Nepal video project. The 'Sherpa Unity - Voices from the Mountain' is a short-film that gives a glimpse into how some mountainous...

APPLY NOW : Tracing Nepal 2016!

The experience which aims to reconnect Nepalese living abroad to Nepal, Tracing Nepal will be back in September. The 2016 experience will be two-weeks long and will visit CYF's Life Vision Academy...

This Short Clip Will Make You Want To Visit Langtang

In need of some travel inspiration?? This video might just do the trick! It's only a promo and less than 3 minutes long but 'The Langtang Trek' by Sisan Baniya manages to bring...

Doc McKerr Shares About ‘Return To Nepal’ Journey!

Ex-British Army officer Doc McKerr and EMMY award winning film director Oliver Wilkins are back from their Return to Nepal adventure. The thirty-two year old former British Army officer  is also the first solo person to complete...

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“UK Government Must Send Urgent Vaccines to Nepal Now” Covid Alliance for Nepal UK

Covid Alliance for Nepal - UK calls on the UK government to send vital medical supplies. The collective have published their petition and encourage people to write to their MP's.

Biswa Limbu’s Journey To Mero Online TV!

With over 1.4 million subscribers, Mero Online TV is among the biggest YouTube channel in Nepal. Get to know the man behind the channel.

Young Children and Teens Meet People from the Gay and Trans Community

Young children and teens come together and meet members from the gay and transgender community in this video by ABA NORMAL.