Mero Sapana by Tweny2 Production

Watching this video made me feel light in some ways… I don’t know exactly why I felt this, maybe it’s because the video portrayed that we human beings at the end of the day are simple beings that do not strive for too much. Or maybe it was also due to the fact that the audio by 11:30 Basan ‘Mero Sapana’ was indeed music to my ears. Seeing those familiar sights and streets of Pokhara made me nostalgic as I remembered my brief time living in the city. 

Mero Sapana’ is to find a balance and enjoy whatever I’m doing and hopefully make my parents satisfied. Whilst living in Pokhara my dream was to own a wooden boat in Fewa Tal and an apartment in Lakeside. Asambhav pani hoina, huna sakcha ek din 🙂

What do you guys think of the watch? I ta loved it very much, simple but great concept Tweny2 Production. Kastoo Chipledhunga ko Almondsma khanu mann paryo!

“Jiwanma afule chahanu euta kura ho…

Prapta hunu arko kura ho…

Harek cheej chaheka cheej haru prapta huney bhaye,

Saayad jiwan esto pani hudaina thiyo..”

The video is currently competing for InMotion Inter College Film Making competition and you can vote by sending an SMS, type IM 07 and send it to 5001 or search Sparrow SMS on Facebook and Like Mero Sapana.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. You can help this video win the InMotion Inter College Film Making Competition by simply sending one SMS.

    Type IM 07 abd send it to 5001

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