Arc of the Gurkha : From Nepal to the British Army


Austrian photographer Alex Schlacher’s most recent work Arc of the Gurkha is available to pre-order! The photo book is currently priced at £20 (pre-order price). In her own words, Art of the Gurkha is “an in-depth photo book on an entire Gurkha career from the incredibly tough recruitment in rural Nepal to military training in the UK, deployment to exercises and areas of operation up to retirement and post-retirement featuring individual portraits”.

Just wanted to share a little something that Alex shared over on the Arc of the Gurkha Facebook page:

“And so sometime in late 2011, The Arc of the Gurkha was born. After researching Gurkha literature and finding nothing but military history and battle anecdotes, it became fairly clear that there was a big gap – a close-up of individual Gurkhas – their faces, their stories, their views and backgrounds. The Arc of the Gurkha is a book chronicling an entire Gurkha career in pictures showing many different individual soldiers along the way and telling a little bit of each person’s story. A history of the Gurkhas will be in there as well as descriptions of the different regiments, but mainly it will be a first ever look at the people behind the legend”.

Looks intriguing!

Arc of the Gurkha (sample page) by Alex Schlacher
Arc of the Gurkha (sample page) by Alex Schlacher

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