51 Snow Leopards Counted

Photo: Kamal Thapa/WWF Nepal
Photo: Kamal Thapa/WWF Nepal

Great news for wildlife enthusiasts! A recent research from the Center for Molecular Dynamics, Nepal with financial support from Hariyo Ban program of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nepal and Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation revealed that there are 51 snow leopards in Nepal. The snow leopards were found in Langtang National Park (2), Sagarmatha National Park (2), Manaslu Conservation Area (7), Annapurna Conservation Area (17) and Kanchanjunga Conservation Area (23).

To keep the study free from disturbing the wild animals and the habitat, the study depended on high-end technology and followed a scientific approach in counting the snow leopards. Methods such as micro satellite, geno-typical technology along with DNA and lab testing of faeces were used in tracing and counting snow leopards.

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