NEW: Rupakot Resort


The brand new RUPAKOT RESORT is located just 22 km away from Pokhara. The luxurious resort with an investment of Nrs 300 million offers stunning views of the Begnas and Rupa Lake! Visit the resort at the right time and you’re guaranteed to see the glorious Annapurna range right before your eyes. Pushpa Adhikari, the founding president of Non-Resident Nepali Association Belgium is the man behind Rupakot Resort. The resort was recently inaugurated by NRN President Sesh Ghale.

The cluster of building that makes up Rupakot Resort looks like a small village from a distance. Looks fancy and nice! Perfect for a get-away! I believe the price starts at Nrs 22,000+ per night (online rate).

Rupakot-Resort-Room Rupakot-Resort-Mountain-View Rupakot-Resort-Deluxe-Double-Room Rupakot-Resort-Bathroom Rupakot-Resort

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  1. Very expensive, not affordable. Expensive hotel compare to other richest country like In uk average affordable hotel cost about £50-£75

  2. Doesn’t look like it’s worth 220 USD. The upkeep needs to be better. The garden looks lackluster at best. They’re definitely overpricing this. About 150USD would be better I think.

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