Kanchan Amatya On The Diana Award Roll Of Honour 2019

The young and vibrant Kanchan Amatya has been granted the prestigious Princess Diana Award. The Diana Award Roll of Honour 2019 page states “This year’s Diana Award Holders represent some of the most inspirational young people from across the UK and around the world. These exceptional young people have demonstrated their ability to inspire and mobilise new generations to serve their communities and create long lasting change on a global scale. This is for the Change_Makers.” Amatya joins Krishna Gautam, both Nepalis, on the roll of honour.

What’s in it for Kanchan? Well The Diana Award is among the highest accolade a young person can achieve for social action and humanitarian efforts in the UK. Additionally, it is supported by members of the British Royal family including Prince William and Prince Harry. As a Diana Award holder, Amatya is also presented with an invitation to Althorp House, Princess Diana’s childhood home. These invitations are gifted to Diana Award Holders in kind by Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer, in recognition of their continuation of Diana’s legacy.

Accepting the award, Kanchan said, “I am committed to inspiring and mobilising a new generation to serve their community, creating a world where nobody is uneducated or goes hungry, even for a single day.”


Amendment: The article previously stated that Kanchan was the first Nepalese to receive the award. However, after the article on RatoPati.com I’ve learned that Krishna Gautam is also on the Roll of Honour.

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