Deepak Bajracharya To Entertain UK Audience This Weekend!

The ‘Man Magan’ singer Deepak Bajracharya will be performing live in the UK next weekend. The singer will bring along his hits on Saturday 31st August at the Empire Hall in Aldershot. The singer has entertained Nepali music listeners for over 20 years with classics such as Maya Ko Dori Le, Allare, Jhumi Jhumi and his recent release Jam Na Maya Jaam from the film Maruni is becoming quite popular too!

The singer will perform in the military town of Aldershot, also home to a large Nepali community. The Empire Hall date is scheduled to start from 8.30PM, with Daju Bhai Inc, Deepak Bajracharya and The Rhythm Band and an after party with DJ S KAZI. The Aldershot event is organised by Sapan Entertainment Ltd and advanced tickets for the event is selling at £25 with door sales at £30.

Fans of Deepak Bajracharya in London can catch the man on 30th August Friday at the CLUB KTM in Harrow. The event follows a similar schedule but will start from 9PM and will only have Deepak Bajracharya and The Rhythm Band, then an afterparty with DJ S KAZI. 

Bajracharya’s song Man Magan has over 17 million views and it hasnt even been two years. The song has reached new audiences and young listeners. I can’t quite escape a Nepali event without Man Magan blasting through. What’s more amazing is to see young Nepali toddlers and young children giving it their 110% as Man Magan blasts through YouTube! The music video is stunning and I cannot wait to see Deepak Bajracharya bring that energy and charisma on stage this weekend.

In 2018, the UK Dance Off team also performed in the song Man Magan alongside dancer/choreographer Shushan Gurung. The team performance is super fun! You can view it below. The dance competition is also organised by Sapan Entertainment Ltd.

PS. Aspiring dancers may be interested to take part at the 2019 UK Dance Off. The big dance event returns on 26th October this year and the applications will be opening from the 1st of September!

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