You Are What You Share

Published on Navyaata Magazine
Published on Navyaata Magazine

In this day and age if there is ever something that you want to only share with your friends on Facebook and not the whole world, don’t bother sharing it. I say this because I know that it is easier than easy to share your ‘friends only’ post with the whole world. Well, slight exaggeration there but the bottom line is taking a screen grab of your status, comments and link-share is not rocket-science for the general mass. And with great services like iMessage, whatsapp and Viber, it is a child’s play to get your ‘private’ update across to people that you may not want to share with.

Fine, they know your name but not your story… and of course, that one update that your Facebook ‘friend’ cheekily shared which will now instantly be the foundation in the creation of your image for that person. I’m using the term ‘friend’ lightly here. I hope we’re all realistic that our 600+ or so Facebook friends are not our actual friends. Whilst I like to believe that most people have the best of interest for others, life tells me something else. The more we share, the more the interest.

Like me, some are too comfortable in crossing the boundaries and sharing their whole lives, feelings, what they hate, what they ate and who they are in love with (right now). Having received a backlash at every stage through my online years, I am a professional at dealing with criticisms, strangers’ unnecessary inputs and the general curiousity regarding my existence. Unfortunately, I see that many people online are not all that prepared for the various comments that come along their way. The problem won’t be solved by the removal of ‘friends’ who are not really friends. It boils down to you and what you share.

Likewise, creating an alternative sub-profile where you add only true friends is just bizarre. To the curious folks with ample time, that screams “come and get me”. And they will get you. Whilst it’s easy for us to talk about celebrities and what they should say as a public figure, have you ever wondered that you too are a figure of the public? You may not have the reach of millions but you have the reach that’s enough to take you far or bring you down. Of course you are you and you most certainly are not going to live worrying what he or she thinks. But do be careful and also realize that each of us to some extent is responsible for the image that we create.

Happy Sharing!
Written by lexlimbu

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