PRIDE Nepal Tees – Meet Bandika!

The internet and social media has played an important role in the lives of millions of queer people. It’s a platform which has helped us in self-discovery and create our own collective. Like many other people on the Pride Nepal Tee campaign, Bandika is also someone who I met online. The young student identifies as a bisexual girl and for her, the process was natural.

In these photos by Stock Photography Nepal, Bandika glows wearing our Pride Nepal Swayambhunath Tee in the buzzing Thamel. She expressed her excitement to be part of the tee campaign and I have nothing but my gratitude to express. The Pride Nepal Tees are available to buy in Nepal ONLINE through Metaphor Fashion, for outside of Nepal orders – please message Metaphor or lexlimbu.



What’s your name?

Bandika Awa

How would you identify yourself?

Bisexual Woman

What does love mean to you?

To me, love is the acts of selfless kindness, care, compassion and devotion.

When you think about Pride, what does it mean?

A voice. A safe space.

What or who, helped you to be yourself?

My two best friends mostly.

Any last comments?

Love has no boundaries. Try to push it back, it’ll just burst out with a bigger bang!



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